House Calls

Signature House Calls

How can Primary Care help?

Signature Healthcare at Home Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers make trips to local senior care facilities on given dates to help with your medical and counseling needs.

What is Primary Care?

A Primary Care Physician or Nurse Practitioner provides the basic medical care as well as continuing care of any patient struggling with medical concerns. Other specialized care may sometimes become involved, therefore a referral can become necessary, but the basic medical care is managed through Primary Care.

Services Provided by Primary Care

On-going care received from one of our Physicians or Nurse Practitioners. This care is available mainly in Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing Homes. Appointments can also be made in one of our Physician Clinics.

Clinical Counseling for patients and/or family members when faced with difficult medical decisions or emotional concerns.

Advanced Care Planning that helps the patient and family decide how to continue relieving symptoms, while receiving life-sustaining treatment.

Palliative Care Management to help ensure comfort and continuity of care during periods of transition.