Comfort and Compassion

Signature Hospice strives for comfort and compassion for families and patients during life’s most difficult time and journey.

For any journey, preparation and planning are essential. With a devoted support team of professional care providers, our services focus on comfort, companionship, relief, peace, and resolution.

The goal of hospice is to allow the patient to rest comfortably. By compassionately working to normalize events, routines, schedules, and more, our compassionate care providers help you and your family focus on the important moments.

A Holistic Approach to Hospice Care

Our Signature holistic approach to care during hospice includes a team dedicated to quality of life.

  • Primary Care Physician – a person on hospice maintains one-on-one care with their primary care physician.
  • Medical Director – Oversees the entire plan of care.
  • Registered Nurse (RN) – performs the initial evaluation and writes the plan of care. In addition, coordinates the care plan and delegates any instructions to the team.
  • Home Health Aide – receives instruction from the RN and is instructed on care that requires delegation. Provides personal care services and companionship.
  • Medical Social Worker – assists with family dynamics, educates on advance directives, wills, and more.
  • Spiritual Counselor – provides peace and comfort to the person on hospice as well as to the family and assists in resolutions.
  • Volunteers – provided during the times when family caregivers need respite.

Additional Benefits

  • Signature provides up to 13 months of bereavement counseling
  • Support groups for family members
  • Memorial services twice yearly
    • Reunion with hospice staff
    • Opportunity to meet other families who have benefited from Signature Hospice
  • Counseling for staff members of senior communities that may be dealing with the loss

Beginning Hospice

  • A physician determines whether a patient is appropriate for hospice services.
  • A second physician confirms the need for hospice before anyone can be admitted.
  • With two physicians agreeing, odds are it’s a great decision to begin services.
  • Hospice is an elective service by the patient or family.
  • This service is paid for by Medicare if a patient is 65 years or older and eligible for the Medicare part A benefit.
  • The service can be revoked at any time by the patient or POA (power-of-attorney) without penalty.
  • If hospice services are revoked and the patient or POA would like another election to hospice service, a new doctor’s diagnosis and prescription is required.
  • The goal of hospice is to stabilize the patient and normalize events. When a patient successfully regains strength, they can graduate off hospice.

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