Clinical Internships

Leading The Future One Student At A Time

Our commitment to students is the commitment to the future of Signature. We offer a solid foundation for all clinical student rotations by providing the student with a leader, mentor and role model within Signature Home Health and Hospice.

The purpose of the Clinical Supervisor Internship program is to provide student nurses, therapists, social workers and chaplains with an experienced Signature Employee (RN, OT, PT, MSW, LCSW or Chaplain) who is responsible for training and developing the student’s clinical skills within the written Clinical Internship policies and procedures, agreement and skill checklist in the Student Manual.

Signature Clinical Internship Supervisors and Mentors must have at least 1 year of full-time employment with Signature Home Health and Hospice. Our Clinical Internship Supervisors have demonstrated their dedication to continuing education and have indicated to the Signature Home Health and Hospice Home Office a desire to become a student mentor.